Business plan main sections of the brain

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A plan not only provides you with a framework for growth, but also takes a closer look at the details of your business; ones that are typically over looked without a business plan.

The hypothalamus also directly controls the pituitary gland by producing hormones. The right side works on abstract things like colors, shapes, and music. Well, the wrinkles are called cortex and it is where the majority of brain cells or neurons reside.

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The Medulla Oblongata Helps control the body's autonomic functions things you don't need to think about to perform like respiration, digestion and heart rate. If you flip the brain over to the other side, you can see the cerebellum, it will be loosely attached to the cerebrum in most cases.

Using a scalpel and the longitudinal fissure as a guide, the brain is separated into the left and the right hemispheres. Reduction in the stimulation of the cerebral cortex leads to a sense of sleepiness and eventually leads to sleep. While the left is more concerned with the colder, linear, rational and verbal aspects.

Astrocytes protect neurons by filtering nutrients out of the blood and preventing chemicals and pathogens from leaving the capillaries of the brain. You can use this format as a place to put your big thoughts so that you can focus on what the strategies are.

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Download mocked-up sample plan 1. It produces lasting, detectable physical changes in our brain, much as learning does. Take special note of the pituitary gland and the optic chiasma. Oligodendrocytes wrap the axons of neurons in the brain to produce the insulation known as myelin.

Their findings led to a better understanding of how to treat certain visual birth defects. Sounds like a party to me. The hypothalamus processes the sensory information that it receives and sends the output to autonomic effectors in the body such as sweat glands, the heart, and the kidneys.

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All of these regions can be disturbed in depressive illnesses. So how do we reconcile our need to succeed with our propensity for procrastination. In this image, a student is bending the cerebellum down to show the superior and inferior colliculi.

Aaron Beck, who pioneered the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, long insisted that psychotherapy has an empirical basis, that it is a science. Find Central Pennsylvania business news, blogs, articles and other resources.

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Get local business listings and events and join forum discussions at Feb 21,  · As with most things in the business world, the size and scope of your business plan depend on your specific goals.

If you’re drafting it for investors, you should make the plan more detailed. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion.


The image below shows a cleanly separated brain with the major internal structures visible and labeled. Finally, a section of the brain is cut to examine the. Find the latest business news on Wall Street, jobs and the economy, the housing market, personal finance and money investments and much more on ABC News.

U S Department of Veterans Affairs. Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Vendor Information Pages.

Business plan main sections of the brain
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